Statement of Facts from Each Religious Denomination in New England Respecting Ministers Salaries
Thomas Brackett Reed Address by Hon Samuel W McCall Upon the Unveiling of the Monument of Hon Thomas Brackett Reed at Portland Me August 31 1910
Applied Christianity and War
Brief Synopsis of the Course of Lectures in Descriptive Geometry As Arranged for the First Year Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering University of Toronto
Observations on the Platform at Persepolis
Miners Pocket-Book A Reference Book for Engineers and Others Engaged in Metalliferous Mining
Federal Income Tax Problems --1922
A Discourse Commemorative of the Death of Gen Z Taylor President of the United States Delivered Before the L D of D F S of Temperance and Citizens of Tonawanda N Y July 29th 1850
John Armstrong Chaloner Plaintiff in Error vs Thomas T Sherman Volume 2
The Quest of the Holy Grail
Report of the Stars and Bars Committee United Confederate Veterans Richmond Reunion June 1 to 3 1915
Cardboard Construction Plate System
A Historical Collection from Official Records Files c of the Part Sustained by Connecticut During the War of the Revolution With an Appendix Containing Important Letters Depositions c Written During the War
Revision of the English Bible
Theology and Science An Address Delivered to Students Preparing for Ordination at the Clergy School at Leeds in December 1880
The Old Falls House
Jacob Grimm An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Philological Society on Friday May 7 1915
The Early Moravian Contribution to Liberal Education in Eastern Pennsylvania
Our Army The Necessity of a Well Organized and Trained Infantry at the Outbreak of War and the Best Means to Be Adopted by the United States for Obtaining Such a Force
Reminiscences of John Davidson a Maine Pioneer Communicated to the New England Historical and Genealogical Register
The Story of Conn-Eda or the Golden Apples of Loch Erne Translated from the Original Irish
Buried Millions Where Do Gold and Silver Go
Eight Stories for Isabel
Africas Call to America A Discourse Preached in Behalf of the American Colonization Society in St Andrews Church Philadelphia February 26th 1882
The Holy City and Gehenna
A Sermon of Good Works Annexed Unto Faith
History of Custer County Idaho
The Cotton Family of Portsmouth N H
The Murder of Pompilia
The Diamond Being the Law of Prophetic Succession and a Defence of the Calling of James J Strang as Successor to Joseph Smith
The Soldier Turned Farmer
Special Bulletin on Women and War Remarks at Graduation of Nurses from Training School June 4 1917
A Few Concise Examples of Seven Hundred Errors in Shakspeares Plays Now Corrected and Elucidated And Which Have Afforded Abundant Scope for Critical Animadversion And Hitherto Held at Defiance the Penetration of All Shakspeares Commentators
The Shorter Bible The Old Testament
John Stuart Mill
Introductory Address of Hon William P Wheeler of Keene N H President of the Day and Oration of Baron Stow D D of Boston Delivered at the Centennial Celebration at Croydon N H June 13 1866
Notes of a Staff Officer of Our First New Jersey Brigade on the Seven Days Battle on the Peninsula in 1862
The Domestic Use of Oil Among the Southern Aborigines
History of the Great Secession from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Year 1845 Eventuating in the Organization of the New Church Entitled the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Flora Medica Containing Coloured Delineations of the Various Medicinal Plants Admitted Into the London Edinburgh and Dublin Pharmacopoeias With Their Natural History Botanical Descriptions Medical and Chemical Properties c c Together with a
Sketches of the Character Manners and Presend State of the Highlanders of Scotlandwith Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments
Christianity East and West An Ecclesiastical Pilgrimage
Introduction to English Literature
A Manual of the Mechanics of Engineering and of the Construction of Machines Designed as a Text-Book for Technical Schools and Colleges and for the Use of Engineers Architects Etc Volume 2
Investigations in the Military and Anthropological Statistics of American Soldiers
Delsarte System of Oratory Including the Complete Works of M LAbbe Delaumosne and Mme Angelique Arnaud (Puoils of Delsarte) with the Literary Remains of Francois Delsarte Procured of Mme Delsarte and Given Literally in Delsartes Own Words Without
Constipation Obstipation and Intestinal Stasis (Autointoxication)
Letters of John Wesley
Principles of the Criminal Law A Concise Exposition of the Nature of Crime the Various Offences Punishable by the English Law the Law of Criminal Procedure and the Law of Summary Convictions with Table of Offences Their Punishments and Statutes Tab
Royal and Historical Letters During the Reign of Henry the Fourth King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland AD 1399-1404
History of Friedrich the Second Called Frederick the Great Volume 6
American Phonetic Journal Volumes 3-5
Manual of Gardening A Practical Guide to the Making of Home Grounds and the Growing of Flowers Fruits and Vegetables for Home Use
Chronicles and Memorials of the Reign of Richard I Ed by W Stubbs [in Lat]
Caxtoniana A Series of Essays on Life Literature and Manners Volumes 1-2
Tales and Stories of the Irish Peasantry
Utah Gazatteer and Directory of Logan Ogden Provo and Salt Lake Cities for 1884
Homers Odyssey Ed with Engl Notes Etc by WW Merry and J Riddell
Painters and Their Works A Dictionary of Great Artists Who Are Not Now Alive Giving Their Names Lives and the Prices Paid for Their Works at Auctions Volume 2
Capital The Process of Circulation of Capital
History of the United Netherlands From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years Truce--1609 Volume 2
Gods Presence and Purpose in Our War A Thanksgiving Discourse Delivered in St Andrews Church Philadelphia Thursday November 26 1863
A History of Currency in the United States
Furniture of the Pilgrim Century 1620-1720 Including Colonial Utensils and Hardware
History of Tucker County West Virginia from the Earliest Explorations and Settlements to the Present Time
The Lesson of the Hour Justice as Well as Mercy
The History of English Rationalism in the Nineteenth Century
A Concise Practical Treatise on Artificial Fly Fishing for Trout
Farthest North Being a Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Months Sleigh Journey by Dr Nansen and Lieut Johannsen
Annals of the Town of Providence From Its First Settlement to the Organization of the City Government in June 1832
A Journey Through Texas Or a Saddle-Trip on the South-Western Frontier With a Statistical Appendix
Village and Open-Country Neighborhoods
The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare Julius Caesar Antony and Cleopatra Timon of Athens Cymbeline King Lear Romeo and Juliet Hamlet Othello
Tractatus de Jure Regularium Ubi Et de Religiosis Familiis Vol 1 Qu Vota Solemnia Vel Etiam Simplicia Perpetua Non Habent
Reports of Commission on a Memorial to Major-General Israel Putnam to the General Assembly 1887 Majority and Minority Reports
German Life and Manners as Seen in Saxony at the Present Day With an Account of Village Life--Town Life--Fashionable Life--Married Life--School and University Life c of Germany at the Present Time
The History of Fairfield Fairfield County Connecticut from the Settlement of the Town in 1639 to 1818
Words of Truth To Those Who Understand
Poulsons Town and Country Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1789-1801
The Pillar of Fire
Annual Report of the Secretary of War Volume 1
Ontario Sessional Papers 1884 No3-5 16 Pt2 5th Legislature 1st Session No3-5
Old Mr Tredgold
Ontario Sessional Papers 1868-69 No24-37 1 Pt3 1st Legislature 2nd Session No24-37
The Arabian Nights Entertainments
Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada 1912 46 No11 Sessional Papers No18-18a
Wanderings in South America the North-West of the United States and the Antilles in the Years 1812 1816 1820 1824 With Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds Etc for Cabinets of Natural History
Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society Volume Volume 15
A Voyage in the Yacht s Unbeam Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months
Debit and Credit
Our North Land Being a Full Account of the Canadian North-West and Hudsons Bay Route Together with a Narrative of the Experiences of the Hudsons Bay Expedition of 1884 Including a Description of the Climate Resources and the Characteristics of the
The Principles of Political Economy Applied to the Condition the Resources and the Institutions of the American People
Ontario Sessional Papers 1947 No1-2 79 Pt1 22nd Legislature 3rd Session No1-2
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English With Introductions and Critical and Explanatory Notes to the Several Books Ed in Conjuction with Many Scholars Volume 1
Geschichte Der Neueren Philosophie Volume 3
Library Journal Volume 12
A Handbook of Greek Archaeology
Algebra An Elementary Text-Book for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges Volume 1
The Cyropidia Or Institution of Cyrus and the Hellenics Or Grecian History
Letters of Harriet Countess Granville 1810-1845
A History of French Public Law Translated by James W Garner with Introd by Harold D Hazeltine and by Westel W Willoughby
Biographical Review This Volume Contains Biogaphical Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Franklin County Massachusetts
The Life of Apollonius of Tyana the Epistles of Apollonius and the Treatise of Eusebius With an English Translation by FC Conybeare Volume 2
The Works of James Arminius Translated from the Latin in Three Volumes Volume 2
Constantinople Painted by Warwick Goble
Elements of Chemical and Physical Geology
The Hunting Grounds of the Great West A Description of the Plains Game and Indians of the Great North American Desert
The Forgotten Man and Other Essays
Memoir of the Services of the Bengal Artillery from the Formation of the Corps Ed by JW Kaye
The Oxford Book of Italian Verse 13th Century-19th Century Chosen by St John Lucas
The Sun Ruler Fire Light and Life of the Planetary System
Wanderings in Burma
Historic Indiana Being Chapters in the Story of the Hoosier State from the Romantic Period of Foreign Exploration and Dominion Through Pioneer Days Stirring War Times and Periods of Peaceful Progress to the Present Time
Preferences in Art Life and Literature
Memoir of George David Cummins First Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church
Baptismon Didach Or Scriptural Studies on Baptisms Especially Christian Baptism
Hills Manual of Social and Business Forms A Guide to Correct Writing with Approved Methods in Speaking and Acting in the Various Relations of Life
History of the House of Austria from the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold the Second 1218-1792
The Writ of Habeas Corpus and Mr Binney
Personal Memoirs of US Grant Volume 1
Out of Doors for Woman Vol 3 September 1895
University Club of Chicago Floor Plans Illustrative Sketches and Brief Descriptions of the New Building of the Club
Ancient Biographical Poems on the Duke of Norfolk Viscount Hereford the Earls of Essex and Queen Elizabeth From Goughs Norfolk Mss In the Bodleian Library
A Dictionary of the Economic Products of India Gossypium to Linociera
Miscellaneous Publication No 32 Pp 1-12 Published November 16 1962
Bulletin D Income Tax Average Percentages of Pre-War Income to Pre-War Invested Capital of General Classes of Corporations Grouped as to Trades or Businesses as Provided for in Section 311 (C) (2) Revenue Act of 1918
Spring 1970 the Star Roses Guide to Garden Pleasure
The Way to Secure Peace and Establish Unity as One Nation
Plans for a Model Jail And a Departmental Plan for a Detention Home for Delinquent Women Presented at the Fifty-First Congress of the American Prison Association Jacksonville Florida 1921
First Year Algebra Scales
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 3 May 21 1892
Is All We Want Worth a Civil War Or Conciliatory Thoughts Upon the Present Crisis
Speech of Hon Lewis F Linn of Missouri On His Amendment to the Land Distribution Bill Proposing to Appropriate the Revenue from the Public Lands to the National Defences In Senate August 11 1841
Engineering as a Profession
Strictures on the Recent Decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Annual Report of the School Committee of the City of Charlestown 1859
The Right and Duty of Congress to Recognize War in Cuba Speech in the Senate May 17 1897
Una Balsa de Aceite Comedia En Un Acto y En Prosa
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Schools of the Town of Lee for the Year Ending March 1 1884
Notes on the Development of the Holdfasts of Certain Florideae
Gettysburg 1920 A Survey
Recopilacin de Leyes y Decretos de Venezuela 1899 Vol 22
Project for a National Monument to the Women of the Civil War With Speech of the Hon James M Beck Delivered at the Banquet of the Loyal Legion New York October 4th 1911
Was Mobile Bay the Bay of Spiritu Santo
Experimental Surface Gill Net Fishing for Skipjack (Katsuwonus Pelamis) in Hawaiian Waters
The Evolution of the Scientific Investigator Opening Address at the International Congress of Arts and Science at the Universal Exposition St Louis September September 19 1904
The Thermodynamic Properties of Solutions of One-Tenth Molal Hydrochloric Acid Containing Calcium Strontium and Barium Chlorides A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doct
An Integral Representation of the Electromagnetic Field in the Image Space of an Optical System
The Engineers and Architects Association of Southern California Organized September 11 1894 Los Angeles
Style in Musical Art An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at Oxford on March 7 1900
A Brief Sketch or the Earliest History of Michigans Great Lake Region Now the Summer Land of the Middle West
Wonderful Story about Capt Rand
The Collection of Old China and Porcelain English and Irish Glass Bibelots of Many Sorts Old Lighting Fixtures
The Northern Fur Seal
Act of Incorporation Constitution and By-Laws of the Hamilton Literary Association of Brooklyn
Lettres de Messire Antoine Arnauld Docteur de la Maison Et Societe de Sorbonne Vol 3
A Day in Historic and Beautiful Annapolis With Descriptions of Places Made Famous in American History by the Revolutionary War-Still in Good Preservation in Annapolis
English Ancestry and Royal Descent of the Joy Family of America
The Old Glade Road
The Second Hospital in the Colonies Vol 1 The Coole Springs of St Maries Maryland
Address of Hon Philander Chase Knox at the Dedication of the Monument Erected to the Memory of Major-General Edward Braddock In Braddock Memorial Park Fayette County Pennsylvania October 15th 1913
Benton County Her Organization and Early History and Memorial Tribute to Her Early Settlers
An Enquiry Into the Political Grade of the Free Coloured Population Under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Pennsylvania In Three Parts
Bureau of Standards Supplementing Exhibit of the Bureau of Standards at the Brazil Centennial Exposition Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1922-23
Speech of Senator Foraker at the Republican Campaign Opening at Bellefontaine Ohio September 23 1905
American Decorations A List of Awards of the Distinguished-Service Cross the Distinguished-Service Medal the Soldiers Medal and the Distinguished-Flying Cross Awarded Under Authority of the Congress of the United States July 1 1940 June 30 1941
Opinion DEschassriaux Sur Les Moyens de RTablir Les Colonies SAnce Du 16 Prairial an V
Pattern-Making Machinery Manufactured by Richards London Kelley Atlantic Works Philadelphia
The Politician A Poem Addressed to Mr James Scott Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge
Correspondence Between His Majestys Government and the United States Government Respecting the Rights of Belligerents Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty March 1915
Address Delivered at the Opening of the Law Department of the University of the City of New York On the 25th October 1858
Academical Degrees and Titles An Address at the Eighth Annual Commencement of the College of St James MD July 27th 1854
Fertilizer Experiments
Record of the Testimony and Proceedings in the Matter of the Investigation By the Trustees of the University of Mississippi on the 1st and 2nd of March 1860 of the Charges Made by H R Branham Against the Chancellor of the University
Soft Water
Objects and Plan of the National Association of the Wool Manufacturers Its Organization Articles of the Association and By-Laws A List of Its Officers and Members And the Proceedings of Its Government
Abiel Washburn and His Descendants
The Newsletter of the Alumni Association of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art
Historical Society of New Mexico No 10 Journal of New Mexico Convection of Delegates to Recommend a Plan of Civil Government September 1849
Development of the District of Columbia
Non-Empirical Scf-Mo Calculations on Transition Metal Complexes
If a Body Meet a Body Dialog Street Scene for 11 Males and 3 Females
The Dissolution of the Union
Proceedings of the National Association of School Superintendents At a Special Session at Washington D C March 1870
A Biographical Sketch of Hannah Lane Usher of Buxton and Hollis Maine With Historical and Genealogical Facts Relating to the Lane Family of Buxton
How New York Is Governed Frauds of the Tammany Democrats
Historical Sketch of the Van Cortlandt House
Charter Constitution and By-Laws of the Lancaster County Historical Society With Officers List of Members and Exchanges
A Syllabus of Household Management
The Rival Claimants for North America 1497-1755
Kinematics of Machinery Outlines of a Theory of Machines
The Columbian Jubilee Or Four Centuries of Catholicity in America Being a Historical and Biographical Retrospect from the Landing of Christopher Columbus to the Chicago Catholic Congress of 1893 Volume 2
Queen Mary of Modena Her Life and Letters
The Life of Sir William Harcourt 2
The Land of the Veda Being Personal Reminiscences of India Its People Castes Thugs and Fakirs Its Religions Mythology Principal Monuments Palaces and Mausoleums Together with the Incidents of the Great Sepoy Rebellion and Its Results to Christ
Organization Objects and Plan of Operations of the Emigrant Aid Company Also a Description of Kanzas for the Information of the Emigrants
Missionary Principles and Practice A Discussion of Christian Missions and of Some Criticisms Upon Them
Proceedings of the Four Hundred and Twenty Third Quarterly Meeting of the Wiscasset Fire Society
Elsie Venner A Romance of Destiny
Radium Vol 4 October 1914
Extension of the Celebrated Theorem of C Sturm Whereby the Roots of Numeral Equations May Be Separated from Each Other with Copious Examples
The Oxford Essays and Baden Powell on Miracles
The Uses of the Peanut on the Home Table
Full Proceedings at the Flag Raising on Dr W S McDonalds Lawn Fort Scott Kansas December 3 1904
The German Colony and Lutheran Church in Maine An Address Delivered Before the Historical Society of the Lutheran Church at Its Meeting in Washington May 14th 1869
Historical Oration
Across the Sub-Artics of Canada a Journey of 1200 Miles by Canoe and Snow-Shoe Through the Barren Lands
Modern Germany Her Political and Economic Problems Her Foreign and Domestic Policy Her Ambitions and the Causes of Her Success
The Pathology of Emotions Physiological and Clinical Studies
A Summer Home
Territorial Problems of the Baltic Basin Vol 18
Kentucky Branch of the U S Sanitary Commission Report
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum Vol 46 April 1914
An Inaugural Dissertation on Opium Embracing Its History Chemical Analysis and Use and Abuse as a Medicine
Minutes of the Ninth Annual Session of the Columbia Baptist Association Held with the First Baptist Church Dothan Henry County ALA October 5th 6th and 7th 1893
Coordinating the Motion of Several Discs
Marinette to Ontonagon A Great Country for the Flock-Master Herdsman and Farmer Goat Raising in Northern Michigan
What to See in Philadelphia
Presidential Address Delivered Before the American Institute of Homoeopathy
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Inland Fisheries Made to the General Assembly at Its January Session 1891
Canadian Life and Resources Vol 6 May 1908
Allgemeine Geschichte Des Welthandels Vol 2 Von Der Entdeckung Amerikas Bis Zum Frieden Von Versailles (1492-1783)
Ocean Tides A New Solution of the Problem of the Tides with Elaborate Tables Showing by Mere Inspection the Nature and Amount of the Fluctuations of the Surface of the Ocean at All Places Produced by the Attractive Forces of the Sun and Moon
Genealogy of the Mann Family
Scoville Family Records Vol 3 Harwinton (Conn) Branch
Westons 56 Ready Ways to Make Money
The Bride of the White House
Charter and By-Laws of the Susquchanna and Wyoming Val Railroad and Coal Company at Scranton 1860
Menands The Garden Suburb of Albany and Troy
Geostrophic Vortices on a Sphere
Three Jolly Huntsmen
The Occurrence of Aptosochromatism In Passerina Cyanea
What to See in Salem
The Book of Chicagoans A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago
South Africa 1486-1913
Text-Book of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
The East Neuk of Fife Its History and Antiquities
The Life Times and Contemporaries of Lord Cloncurry
A History of the Presbyterian and General Baptist Churches in the West of England With Memoirs of Some of Their Pastors
The Life of Cardinal Wolsey and Metrical Visions with Notes by SW Singer [With] Who Wrote Cavendishs Life of Wolsey by J Hunter
Early Man in Britain and His Place in the Tertiary Period
The Poems of Eugene Field
The Works of Samuel Johnson with Murphys Essay Ed by R Lynam
Encyclopedia of Massachusetts Biographical--Genealogical Volume 4
The Family Instructor In Five Parts I Respecting Parents and Children II Masters and Servants III Husbands and Wives IV Relating to Family Breaches V Management of Children And a Variety of Cases on the Necessity of Setting Proper Examples to
Descriptive Catalogue of the Documents Relating to the History of the United States in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba Deposited in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville
Notes of a Busy Life Volume 2
Speeches Correspondence and Political Papers of Carl Schurz Volume 2
Annual Chemical Directory of the United States
The Life and Letters of Sir John Hall
English Literature in Account with Religion 1800-1900
Morning Exercises for the Closet For Every Day in the Year Volume 2
A Treatise on the Law of Corporate Bonds and Mortgages Being the 2D Edition of Railroad Securities REV
The Biographical Record of Livingston County Illinois
The Works of Walter Savage Landor [Ed by J Forster]
Reports of Land Cases Determined in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California June Term 1853 to June Term 1858 Inclusive
The City of God Translated by Marcus Dods Volume 1
The Physical and Metaphysical Works of Lord Bacon Including the Advancement of Learning and Nouvum Organum
The New World Problems in Political Geography
The Passing of the Shereefian Empire
The Life and Letters of Joel Chandler Harris
The Calcutta Law Reports of Cases Decided by the High Court Calcutta Also Judgments of H Ms Privy Council 1877
The Tagalog Language a Comprehensive Grammatical Treatise Adapted to Self-Instruction and Particularly Designed for Use of Those Engaged in Government Service or in Business or Trade in the Philippines
The Inner Life of the Very Reverend Pere Lacordaire O P
An Historical View of the English Government from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Accession of the House of Stewart
A Geological Manual By Henry T de la Beche
The United States Service Magazine Volume 1
The Life of Sir Henry Vane the Younger with a History of the Events of His Time
The Later English Drama
The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography Volume 12
An Introduction to the English Historians
The Life and Letters of John Fiske Volume 2
Field-Marshal Sir Donald Stewart G C B G C S L C I E An Account of His Life Mainly in His Own Words
A History of the Schools of Cincinnati
The Priory of Hexham Volume 44
The Whole Works of the Late REV Mr Ebenezer Erskine Minister of the Gospel at Stirling Consisting of Sermons and Discourses on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects Volume 2
Nosographie Philosophique Ou La Mithode de LAnalyse Appliquie i La Midecine
The Art of Scientific Discovery Or the General Conditions and Methods of Research in Physics and Chemistry
Annals and Family Records of Winchester Conn With Exercises of the Centennial Celebration on the 16th and 17th Days of August 1871
A Literary History of Persia
The Whole Works of the Late REV Mr Ebenezer Erskine Minister of the Gospel at Stirling Consisting of Sermons and Discourses on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects Volume 3
The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns
A Childs History of England Volumes 1-2
A Collection of Family Records With Biographical Sketches and Other Memoranda of Various Families and Individuals Bearing the Name Douglas or Allied to Families of That Name
Laws of the State of New York Passed at the Sessions of the Legislature Volume 3
Queen Victoria A Biography
The Collected Works of Edward Sapir 1
Alexandri Neckam de Naturis Rerum Libri Duo with the Poem of the Same Author de Laudibus Divinae Sapientiae
Concrete Work A Book to Aid the Self-Development of Workers in Concrete and for Students in Engineering
The Bible Students Guide to the More Correct Understanding of the English Translation of the Old Testament by Reference to the Original Hebrew By an Alphabetical Arrangement of Every English Word in the Authorized Version the Corresponding Hebrew May a
The Odyssey of Homer Volume 1
The Abridgment Containing the Annual Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress with Reports of Departments and Selections from Accompanying Papers
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies Translated from the French of the Abbi Raynal by J Justamond
Biographical Review Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Plymouth County Massachusetts
Greece in 1823 and 1824 Being a Series of Letters and Other Documents on the Greek Revolution Written During a Visit to That Country
Goethes Faust Volume 2
The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne in the County of Southhampton Volume 1
By Order of the King
The Life and Letters of Admiral Dewey from Montpelier to Manila Containing Reproductions in Fac-Simile of Hitherto Unpublished Letters of George Dewey During the Admirals Naval Career and Extracts from His Log-Book
The Works of Charles Dickens Christmas Books Pictures from Italy
Panama and the Canal To-Day An Historical Account of the Canal Project from the Earliest Times with Special Reference to the Enterprises of the French Company and the United States with a Detailed Description of the Waterway as It Will Be Ultimately Co
Centralblatt Fr Innere Medicin 1900 Vol 21
Hippocrates Volume 4
The Mentally Ill in Americaa History of Their Care and Treatment from Colonial Times
Tom Brown at Oxford A Sequel to School Days at Rugby
Historia Et Cartularium Monasterii Sancti Petri Gloucestriae Volume 3
Civilta Cattolica Vol 1 La Anno Trigesimoprimo Della Serie Undecima
Annales de LAssemble Nationale 1874
Special Report on Diseases of Cattle
With Walt Whitman in Camden Volume 2
The Bible Hand-Book An Introduction to the Study of Sacred Scripture
The Red Dragon The National Magazine of Wales Volume 6 Part 1
A Dictionary of Slang Jargon Cant Embracing English American and Anglo-Indian Slang Pidgin English Tinkers Jargon and Other Irregular Phraseology Volume 1
Testacea Atlantica or the Land and Freshwater Shells of the Azores Madeiras Salvages Canaries Cape Verdes and Saint Helena
Ancient Society Or Researches in the Line of Human Propress from Savagery Through Barbarism to Civilization
A Speech at Dublin in Behalf of the Queen
Mechanical Drawing Copy Plates
Report No 118 on the Chelsea Conflagration of April 12 1908
Spray-Work or Natures Printing
History Set Right Attack on New Orleans and Its Defenses by the Fleet Under Admiral Farragut April 24 1862
What France Has Done in the War
The Summer School of Philosophy at MT Desert
Shape from Probing
Aristotelian Studies on the Structure of the Seventh Book of the Nicomachean Ethics Chapters I-X
A Historical Sketch of Chester Township Poweshiek County Iowa Read at the Quarter-Centennial July 4th 1881
A Brief History of Mountwell
A Description of East and West Florida and the Bahama Islands C C
Abstract of Evidence and Facts Developed
The Tahoe Country Its Lakes and Streams
General Sherman in the Last Year of the Civil War An Address Delivered at the Thirty-Eighth Reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee at St Louis Missouri
A Descriptive Reading on Alaska Illustrated by Twelve Lantern Slides
Sailing Directions to Accompany Major J D Grahams Chart of Cape Cod Harbor With Extracts from His Report on the Tides Soundings Currents C
Origins of the Great War Or the British Case
Clinical Studies of Failures with the Witmer Formboard A Thesis
The Relation of Alcohol to Crime in Alabama
MMoires de la Socit Impriale DAgriculture de Sciences Et DArts SAnt a Douai Centrale Du DPartement Du Nord Vol 9 1866-1867
Clothes Wringers and Cold Process Mangles Technical Facts Told in a Comprehensive Way)
A Key to the Book of Mormon
A Practical System in Folding Cutting and Modeling C
History of North Carolina With Maps and Illustrations
Gleanings from the English Poets Chaucer to Tennyson with Biogr Notices of the Authors [by R Inglis]
The Journal of the REV John Wesley Volume Volume 1
Diary of John Evelyn to Which Are Added a Selection from His Familiar Letters and the Private Correspondence Between King Charles I and Sir Edward Nicholas and Between Sir Edward Hyde (Afterwards Earl of Clarendon) and Sir Richard Browne 2
General Orders Affecting the Volunteer Force Volumes 1-3
Engineering Volume 4
A Dictionary of English Etymology
Handbuch Der Musikgeschichte
Pathological Plant Anatomy
The Unity of the Pentateuch An Examination of the Higher Critical Theory as to the Composite Nature of the Pentateuch
Graftons Chronicle or History of England To Which Is Added His Table of the Bailiffs Sheriffs and Mayors of the City of London from the Year 1189 to 1558 Inclusive In Two Volumes Volume 2
Travels in Western India Embracing a Visit to the Sacred Mounts of the Jains and the Most Celebrated Shrines of Hindu Faith Between Rajpootana and the Indus With an Account of the Ancient City of Nehrwalla
Aeronautics Volume V 1-2
The Formation of Christendom Peters Rock in Mohammeds Flood From St Gregory the Great to St Leo III Volume 7
Yacht Architecture A Treatise on the Laws Which Govern the Resistance of Bodies Moving in Water Propulsion by Steam and Sail
Things a Lady Would Like to Know Concerning Domestic Management and Expenditure Arranged for Daily Reference with Hints Regarding the Intellectual as Well as the Physical Life
A History of the Rise Progress and Present Condition of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem Pa
The Canadian Journal of Industry Science and Art Volume New Ser 1860 Volume 5
The Story of the Exposition Being the Official History of the International Celebration Held at San Francisco in 1915 to Commemorate the Discovery of the Pacific Ocean and the Construction of the Panama Canal Volume Volume 5
Geometrical Drawing Projection Drawing FreeHand and Ornamental Drawing Wash Work and Brush Drawing Elementary Perspective Drawing Architectural Drawing
The Treasury of Modern Biography A Gallery of Literary Sketches of Eminent Men and Women of the Nineteenth Century
History of the Reign of Philip II King of Spain Volume 2
Hunts Merchants Magazine Volume 1
Bernard Shaw on Modern Typography Reprinted from the Magazine London
The Mechanical Handling of Material Being a Treatise on the Handling of Material Such as Coal Ore Timber c by Automatic or Semi-Automatic Machinery Together with the Various Accessories Used in the Manipulation of Such Plant Also Dealing Fully Wit
The Chastisement of War and Its Alleviations Thanksgiving Sermon Preached in Christ M E Church Pittsburgh on Thursday November 27 1862
Book of Knowledge Psychic Facts
Ten Great Religions An Essay in Comparative Theology
The British Anglers Manual Or the Art of Angling in England Scotland Wales and Ireland with Some Account of the Principal Rivers Lakes and Trout Streams in the United Kingdom
The Public Playground an Interesting Development in Education
Cuba as a Bee Country A Guide to the Prospective Bee-Keeper and Those Who Wish Information Relative to the Islands Resources
Great Authors of All Ages Being Selections from the Prose Works of Eminent Writers from the Time of Pericles to the Present Day with Indexes
The Laughing Man
Narrative of Dimmock Charlton A British Subject Taken from the Brig Peacock by the U S Sloop Hornet Enslaved While a Prisoner of War and Retained Forty-Five Years in Bondage
The Speaking Telephone Electric Light and Other Recent Electrical Inventions
The Works of Jonathan Swift Miscellaneous Essays
A General History of the Catholic Church From the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Twentieth Century Volume 2
A Grammar of the Greek Language Chiefly from the German of Raphael Kihner Volume 2
An Address on the Climatology of Florida
Hortus Kewensis Or a Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew Volume 5
Lun-Hing Volume 1 Part 1
Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Sitting in General Term from June 14 1880 to [june 20 1892] Volume 15
Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower Amoor And the Russian Acquisitions on the Confines of India and China with Adventures Among the Mountain Kirghis And the Manjours Manyargs Toungouz Touzemtz Goldi and Gelyaks The Hunting and Pastoral T
Casa Braccio
Little Dorrit Volumes 1-2
A Country Gentleman and His Family
The Works of John Jewel DD Bishop of Salisbury Volume 4
Compendium of Finance
Consular Reports Issues 252-255
Antique Furniture
Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Volume 5
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London Volume 20 Volumes 1875-1876
A Treatise on Chemistry Volume 3 Part 2
The Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry Volume 5
The Kingdom of Christ Or Hints Respecting the Principles Constitution and Ordinances of the Catholic Church
The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke Volume 3
Eight Orations of Cicero Together with Selected Passages and Letters
Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1897
Sketches of America A Narrative of a Journey of Five Thousand Miles Through the Eastern and Western States of America Contained in Eight Reports Addressed to the Thirty-Nine English Families by Whom the Author Was Deputed in June 1817 to Ascertain Whe
The Topography of Athens and the Demi Volume 1
The Hymnal as Authorized and Approved For Use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the Year of Our Lord MCMXVI
A Catechism of the Steam Engine
Tales of the Colonies Or the Adventures of an Emigrant Ed by a Late Colonial Magistrate [c Rowcroft]
A History of the Eastern Diocese
The British Naval Operations in the West Indies 1650-1700 A Study in Naval Administration
Indian Invention of New-World Foods And Breakfast at Tanasqui
Catalogue of Books Belonging to the First Congregational Sabbath School Library Dover N H
Annual Message of Governor Henry Watkins Allen to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana January 1865
Has Oude Been Worse Governed by Its Native Princes Than Our Indian Territories by Leadenhall Street
The Testing of Corn for Seed
Hiram B Jones and His School Read at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Quaker Hill Conference September the Sixth Nineteen Hundred and Two
Report of Capt Henry C Long on the Condition and Prospects of the City of Cairo September 2 1850
From Shiloh to Corinth A Stenograph Report of After-Lunch Speeches at the Stated Meeting of the Commandery of Ohio Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States February 7 1894
The Human Element
An Exact Reproduction of the Macnab Masonic MS A D 1722
The Outlook for Arithmetic in America
Missionary Work at Red Wing 1849 to 1852
The Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance A Sermon
Money to Loan The Status of Loan as a Verb
Columbian Address Delivered by Hon H W Childs Before the Minnesota Historical Society at the Capitol in the City of St Paul October 21 1892
A Critical Review of the Shakspere Mortuary Malediction and the Seventeen-Foot Grave
The Earths Magnetism Delivered in the Schools of the University of Oxford May 22nd 1913
Remains of a French Post Near Trempealeau I Archeological Sketch II Additional Archeological Details III Historical Sketch
War Verses O Sunny Land of France And the Shining Sword of the Hun
Zionism Its Organisation and Institutions
Vacation An Original Comedy in Two Acts
The Literary Labors of Benjamin Franklin Vol 28 An Address Delivered Before the American Philosophical Society at the Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Decease of Its Illustrious Founder and First President April 17 1890
The History of Ludlow Massachusetts with Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Reminiscences Genealogies Farm Histories and an Account of the Centennial Celebration June 17 1874
The African Sketch-Book
Ancient Society Or Researches in the Line of Human Progress from Savagery Through Barbarism to Civilization
Catalogue of the United States Army Medical Museum Volume 1
The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids Ascertained by National Documents And Compared with the General Traditions and Customs of Heathenism as Illustrated by the Most Eminent Antiquaries of Our Age with an Appendix Containing Ancient Poems and
The Records of Invercauld [The Estate in the Possession of the Farquharson Family] MDXLVII - MDCCCXXVIII
The Franco-American Cookery Book Or How to Live Well and Wisely Every Day in the Year
The Character and Career of Francis Asbury Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
The Dutch at the North Pole and the Dutch in Maine a Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society 3D March 1857
Alone in West Africa
A Magazine of Cleverness Volume 69
General Butler in New Orleans History of the Administration of the Department of the Gulf in the Year 1862 With an Account of the Capture of New Orleans and a Sketch of the Previous Career of the General Civil and Military
Report on the Work of the Labour Department of the Board of Trade With Supplement Containing Abstract of Labour Statistics
An Inquiry Into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the United States
John Cabot the Discoverer of North-America and Sebastian His Son A Chapter of the Maritime History of England Under the Tudors 1496-1557
Xenophons Cyropaedia Or Institution of Cyrus and the Helenics
The Leiter Library a Catalogue of the Books Manuscripts and Maps Relating Principally to America Collected by the Late Levi Ziegler Leiter
The Origin of Vertebrates
A Magazine of Cleverness Volume 43
Indian National Evolution A Brief Survey of the Origin and Progress of the Indian National Congress and the Growth of Indian Nationalism
The Record of the Second Massachusetts Infantry 1861-65
London Past and Present Its History Associations and Traditions Volume 2
Club Men of New York Their Occupations and Business and Home Addresses Sketches of Each of the Organizations College Alumni Associations
Annual Report Issues 40-47
A Handbook for Travellers in India Ceylon and Burma Including the Provinces of Bengal Bombay and Madras the Panjab North-West Provinces Rajputana Central Provinces Mysore Etc the Native States Assam and Cashmere
A Catalogue Raisonni of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch Flemish and French Painters Jacob Ruysdael Minderhout Hobema John and Andrew Both John Wynants Adams Pynaker John Hackaert William Vander Velde Ludolph Backhuyzen John Van Huysum
Sammlung Chemischer Experimente Zum Nutzen Der Kinstler Fabrikanten Und iberhaupt Fir Alle Stinde
The Life and Writings of George Washington Doane For Twenty-Seven Years Bishop of New Jersey Containing His Poetical Works Sermons and Miscellaneous Writings Volume 2
Greens Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine and Surgery Volume 3
P Gottfridi Lumper Historia Theologico-Critica de Vita Scriptis Atque Doctrina Sanctorum Patrum Aliorumque Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Trium Primorum Saeculorum Ex Virorum Doctissimorum Literariis Monumentis Collecta
Theological Works The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Marriage and Love
Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States Volume 37
Diary of Samuel Sewall 1674-1700
Despatches Correspondence and Memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Wellington K G 1828-1829
The Life and Times of Montrose Illustrated from Original Manuscripts Including Family Papers With Portraits and Autographs
Special Bulletin Issues 80-86
A General Dictionary of Painters Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting from Its Revival by Cimabue in the Year 1250 to the Present Time a New Edition Revised and Corrected Throughout
The Works of the REV P Doddridge Volume 1
Multilingualism in the Chinese Diaspora Worldwide Transnational Connections and Local Social Realities
The Dark Side of Game Play Controversial Issues in Playful Environments
An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States Canada and the British Possessions from Newfoundland to the Parallel of the Southern Boundary of Virginia and from the Atlantic Ocean Westward to the 102d Meridian
Sexual Abuse in Youth Sport A sociocultural analysis
Animal Horror Cinema Genre History and Criticism
Macau and the Casino Complex
Festive Funerals in Early Modern Italy The Art and Culture of Conspicuous Commemoration
The Essence of the Self In Defense of the Simple View of Personal Identity
God and Natural Order Physics Philosophy and Theology
Food and Beverage Management
British Railways AC Electric Locomotives A Pictorial Guide
The Literary and Legal Genealogy of Native American Dispossession The Marshall Trilogy Cases
Evolution of the Learning Brain Or How You Got To Be So Smart
Food Pedagogies
Dicaearchus of Messana Text Translation and Discussion
Releasing the Commons Rethinking the futures of the commons
Place and Politics in Latin American Digital Culture Location and Latin American Net Art
Phenomenology as Qualitative Research A Critical Analysis of Meaning Attribution
Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans
Violent Extremism Online New Perspectives on Terrorism and the Internet
Studies of Video Practices Video at Work
Cities at Risk Planning for and Recovering from Natural Disasters
The Deerslayer Or the First War-Path A Tale
Our Native Trees and How to Identify Them A Popular Study of Their Habits and Their Peculiarities
Legal Episodes in the History of Freemasonry
Problems of Old Testament Discussion
Class of 1866 Harvard College Commencement 1918
Public Education and Religion A Baccalaureate Sermon Delivered June 23 1867
Young Oliver or the Thoughtless Boy A Tale
Address Delivered Before the Two Literary Societies of the University of North-Carolina June 1 1853
The Bi-Literal Cypher
An Address Delivered at the Commencement at Floral College June 1853
The Geologic Setting of the John Day Country Grant County Oregon
The Relation of the Medicine-Man to the Origin of the Professional Occupations
The Limits of Oral Training
The Procession of Flowers in Colorado
Military Policy of the American Legion
A Sermon Preached Before the Protestant Episcopal Association for the Promotion of Christianity Among the Jews in St Matthias Church Philadelphia on Sunday Evening January 14 1877
Dr Johann Georg Krunitz Okonomisch-Technologische Encyklopadie Vol 145 Oder Allgemeines System Der Staats-Stadt-Haus-Und Landwirthschaft Und Der Kunstgeschichte in Alphabetischer Ordnung
Fr Berges Schmetterlingsbuch Nach Dem Gegenwartigen Stande Der Lepidopterologie
Concellativity in Finitely Presented Semigroups
A Temporary Guide Through the Engadine Museum at St Moritz
Early Modern Europe An Introduction to a Course of Lectures on the Sixteenth Century
The Rule of the Turks at Constantinople A Lecture Delivered in the Hall of the Winchester Mechanics Institute on Wednesday March 7th 1877
Proceedings of the Fifty-Sixth Anniversary of the Settlement of Hudson With Tables Showing the Longevity C of the Pioneer Settlers
Government and Politics in the United States A Textbook for Secondary Schools
Three Years in Savage Africa
Memoirs of Vidocq the Principal Agent of the French Police
Reports of the Committee on the Negro and Aborigines Fund Presented to the Yearly Meetings of 1854 and 1855 Together with Cash Accounts and Extracts from Correspondence
Early Steamboating on the Minnesota and Red Rivers
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Biographia Scoticana Or a Brief Historical Account of the Most Eminent Scots Worthies as Also an Appendix [2 PT Frontisp Mutilated]
Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society Volume 7
The House That Jeff Built
The English Explorers Comprising Details of the More Famous Travels by Mandeville Bruce Park and Livingstone with Chapter on Arctic Explorations
A Glossary of Words Used in Swaledale Yorkshire
An Exposition of the First Epistle of John
The Curse of Charity
Washington County [records of Births Marriages and Deaths]
The Sacrifice of Praise Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs Designed for Public Worship and Private Devotion
The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett 1845-1846
German Political Designs with Reference to Brazil
The Life of Dwight L Moody by His Son William R Moody
The Celt the Roman and the Saxon A History of the Early Inhabitants of Britain Down to the Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity Illustrated by the Ancient Remains Brought to Light by Recent Research
The Manuscripts of JB Fortescue Preserved at Dropmore [being Correspondence and Papers of Lord Grenville 1698-1820] Volume 2
Report of the Mission to China of the Blackburn Chamber of Commerce 1896-7 FSA Bournes Section
The Law of Covenants A Treatise Explaining the Nature and Rules of the Several Sorts of Covenants
The Following-An United Nation Vol 16
An Oration on the Subject of Education Delivered Before the Healing Springs School Association on the Fifteenth of June 1849
Axiomatizing Qualitative Process Theory
Ground-Work of Culture Address Delivered in Kings College London at the Distribution of Prizes on October 2 1883
Claim of Heirs of Jacques Clamorgan
Fremonts Hundred Days in Missouri Speech of Hon F P Blair Jr of Missouri on Fremonts Defense Delivered in the House of Representatives March 7 1862
Address Delivered Before the Parents Association of the School of Education on 5 June 1911
Psychoanalysis of Freud and Adler
Memoir of the Life Character and Method of REV Joseph Nimmo
Description of a Trip to California With the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Delivered to the Members of the Northwestern Branch Milwaukee Wis
Radicalism Vindicated Letter of Senator Drake of Missouri to Senator Johnson of Maryland
A Narrow Squeak A Comedy in One Act
Pastoral Letter of the Bishops to the Clergy and Laity 1894
Our Maritime and Neutral Rights Address of Genl Hiram Walbridge at the Grand Corporation Banquet by the Municipal Authorities of the City of New York in Commemorating of the Anniversary of Washingtons Birthday at the St Nicholas Hotel February 22
Was John Bunyan a Gipsy As Discussed in Letters Sent to the London Daily News and Now Particularly Addressed to the Students of the Universities
Home Drying of Fruits and Vegetables
Grading Pupils in Vocational Subjects
Hon Edward Dean Rand A Memorial Address by Albert S Batchellor Before the Grafton and Coos Bar Association at the Annual Meeting Held at Lancaster Jan 29 1886
Bentham and the Codifiers
Chemical Thermodynamics
Hallucinations Or the Rational History of Apparitions Visions Dreams Ecstasy Magnetism and Somnambulism
Preserves and Pickles Forty Recipes
London Leaders Historic Families Ancestral Estates
The Official Correspondence of James S Calhoun While Indian Agent at Santa Fi and Superintendent of Indian Affairs in New Mexico
Two Summers in the Ice-Wilds of Eastern Karakoram The Exploration of Nineteen Hundred Square Miles of Mountain and Glacier
The American Journal of Psychiatry 1919-20 76
Oeuvres Complites de Saint Bernard Traduction Nouvelle Volume 6
Documents Illustrative of the History of Scotland 1286-1306 Selected and Arranged by J Stevenson Volume 2
Encyclopaedia Biblica A Critical Dictionary of the Literary Political and Religious History the Archaeology Geography and Natural History of the Bible Volume 3
Teuffels History of Roman Literature REV and Enl by Ludwig Schwabe Authorized Translation from the 5th German Ed Volume 1
Catalogus Der Birger-Bibliothek Der Stadt Schaffhausen
The Elements of Bacteriological Technique A Laboratory Guide for Medical Dental and Technical Students
Financial Privacy Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the Committee on Banking and Financial Services US House of Representatives One Hundred Sixth Congress First Session July 20 21 1999
The Biographical Record of de Kalb County Illinois
Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States Including Virginia Kentucky and All East of the Mississippi Arranged According to the Natural System
The History and Antiquities of Leath Ward In the County of Cumberland With Biographical Notices and Memoirs
John Gibson of Cambridge Massachusetts and His Descendants 1634-1899
Oeuvres Complites de Saint Bernard Traduction Nouvelle Volume 7
Growth of Small Residential Living Programs for the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Regulation Business Opportunities and Technology of the Committee on Small Business House of Representatives One H
The Trial of Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic
An Epitome of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy with the Improved Lunar Tables
Ye Amherst Girl of Ye Olden Tyme
Gravel Roads Vol 2 July 1913
The Aquarium
The Missouri Pacific Railway Company to the Mercantile Trust Company of New York Trustee First Collateral Mortgage Dated July 15 1890
Trying a Case
The Oaths Signs Ceremonies and Objects of the Ku-Klux Klan A Full Expose
How to Make a Tracing
The Modern Manufacture of Writing Paper A Story Concerning the Modern Processes of Manufacturing an Ancient Product with Some Side-Lights on Its History
The Ministry of Angels Realized A Letter to the Edwards Congregational Church Boston
The Nature Manner of Conveyance and Means of Prevention of Infantile Paralysis Substance of an Address Before New York Academy of Medicine July 13 1916
The Centenary in the South-West Commemorating the Admission of Tennessee Into the Union
Plain Reading for Plain Being an Account of the English Constitution and the Kings Reform Bill
Minutes of the Sixteenth Session of the Mobile Baptist Association Held with Bay Shore Baptist Church Daphne Baldwin Co ALA August 6th 7th and 8th 1896
The Mode of Baptism A Discourse Delivered in the First Congregational Church of Jackson Mich April 18 1869 and Repeated April 25 1869
The Jubilee of New England A Sermon Preached in Hadley December 22 1820 in Commemoration of the Landing of Our Fathers at Plymouth Being Two Centuries from That Event
Lecture on Switzerland
Extracts from a Teachers Observations on School Government With Introductory and Concluding Remarks
Corn for Ensilage and the Silo A Paper Read
Bread for the Million A Brief Exposition of Perry and Fitzgeralds Patent Progress for the Manufacture of Aerated Unfermented Bread Without the Use of Any Deleterious Substance and Without the Touch of Human Hands
Organized Charity and Industry A Chapter from the History of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New York
Forests and Snow
Extracts from John Marshalls Diary January 1689 December 1711
Abridgement of Mental Philosophy Including the Three Departments of the Intellect Sensibilities and Will Designed as a Text-Book for Academies and High Schools
Fossil Plants For Students of Botany and Geology
Tulu-English and English-Tulu Dictionary Volume 2
History of Africa South of the Zambesi from the Settlement of the Portuguese at Sofala in September 1505 to the Conquest of the Cape Colony by the British in September 1795 Volume 1
The Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century 4
The Charm of Bombay An Anthology of Writings in Praise of the First City of India
A System of Algebraic Geometry
History of the Expedition of Captains Lewis and Clark 1804-5-6 Reprinted from the Edition of 1814 Volume 2
System of Positive Polity
Some Reminiscences and the Bagpipe
The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated I in Nine Discourses Delivered to the Catholics of Dublin II [Sic] in Occasional Lectures and Essays Addressed to the Members of the Catholic University
The Mother of Blood Banking Oral History Transcript Irwin Memorial Blood Bank and the American Association of Blood Banks 1944-1994 199
Old Time Gardens Newly Set Forth
Hours of Exercise in the Alps [Followed By] Notes and Comments on Ice and Glaciers [C]
The Works of the Right Reverend John England First Bishop of Charleston Volume 2
American Supremacy the Rise and Progress of the Latin America Republics and Their Relations to the United States Under the Monroe Doctrine Volume 2
Aelfrics Lives of Saints Being a Set of Sermons on Saints Days Formerly Observed by the English Church Volume 1
Richmond Her Past and Present
Heraldry Historical and Popular With Seven Hundred Illustrations
Etchings of a Whaling Cruise with Notes of a Sojourn on the Island of Zanzibar to Which Is Appended a Brief History of the Whale Fishery
Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth Part I Historical Sketch and Titles of Estates Part II Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families Volumes 1-2
Commentaries on the Common Law Designed as Introductory to Its Study
The Philosophical Works of David Hume Volume 3
Report of the Special Committee on Emigration Presented at the Monthly Meeting Held May 12th 1864
Sketch of the Life and Public Services of Winfield S Hancock
Thoughts on Education The Introductory Discourse Delivered Before the American Association for the Advancement of Education at Its Fourth Annual Session Held in Washington in December 1854
Four Great Humanists Vol 9
Value of a Protective Tariff to the Farmer
Burrowing Ability of Juvenile Clams
Wordeater Vols 53-54
Disputed Questions of Evidence Relevancy Presumptions of Law and Presumptions of Fact
Abraham Lincoln An Appreciation
The Purchase Meeting Read at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Quaker Hill Conference September the Seventeenth Nineteen Hundred and Four
An American Nobility
The Old Ways or the Pilgrims and Their Principles A Discourse on the Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims Delivered in Broadway Church Chelsea Mass December 21 1855
Strictures on the Letter of J K L Entitled a Vindication of the Religious and Civil Principles of the Irish Catholics Addressed to His Excellency the Marquis Wellesley K G Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland C C
Ricardi Dawesii Miscellanea Critica Typis Quinquies Excusa Prodeunt Ex Recensione Et Cum Notis Aliquanto Auctioribus
Pandekten-Praktikum Zu Puchtas Pandekten Und Girtanners Rechtsfallen Mit Hinweisung Auf Die Lehrbucher Von Arudts Und V Bangerow
Notes on the Artificial Deformation of Children Among Savage and Civilized Peoples With a Bibliography
Recueil Dit de Maurepas Vol 1 Pieces Libres Chansons Epigrammes Et Autres Vers Satiriques Sur Divers Personnages Des Siecles de Louis XIV Et Louis XV
Letter from John A Dix to the War Democracy of Wisconsin
The Foundation of Success An Address Delivered Before the Cleosophic Society of Yates Academy August 15 1844
State and Local Historical Societies
SCne Du Conseil Des Ministres Une SAnce Du Vendredi 27 Juillet 1821
Pro Archia A Translation
Notes on the History of Lacquer A Paper Read Before the Japan Society of London
Socialism and Unionism
The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments Romans by W Sanday A C Headlam
Wholesale Price List for the Trade Only Season 1922-1923
An Address to the Publick on the Subject of the East India Dividend
Trelawny Papers
Indicators Versus Card-Charging with Some Reference to the Intercourse Between Librarian and Reader
Captain James Cook R N FRS the Circumnavigator
Senator Frye of Maine
The Primitive Baptist Vol 25 June 15 1861
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 74 September 26 1912
Bulletin de la Sociiti Midicale Homoeopathique de France 1875 Vol 17
International Library of Technology A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in the Engineering Professions and Trades or for Those Who Desire Information Concerning Them Volume 103
The Weld Sermon 1913 Preached at St Benedicts Hindley
The Chronograms of the Euripidean Dramas
Documents Relating to the Colonial Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey Volume 19 Part 3
The Economics of Direct Employment With an Account of the Fair Wages Policy
In the Lena Delta A Narrative of the Search for Lieut-Commander de Long and His Companions Followed by an Account of the Greely Relief Expedition and a Proposed Method of Reaching the North Pole
Electoral Reform in England and Wales The Development and Operation of the Parliamentary Franchise 1832-1885
Dr Johnson as a Grecian A Paper Read Before the Johnson Club on June 28 1898
The Law Glossary Being a Selection of the Greek Latin Saxon French Norman and Italian Sentences Phrases and Maxims Found in the Leading English and American Reports and Elementary Works With Historical and Explanatory Notes
The Rights and Principles of an Englishman Considered and Asserted On a Review of the Late Motion at the Hotel for a County Meeting in Devonshire
Effects of the Menhaden and Mackerel Fisheries Upon the Fish Supply
The Mormons as Pioneers
A Years Study of the Daily Learning of Six Children A Dissertation
The Crystalline Lens System Its Embryology Anatomy Physiological Chemistry Physiology Pathology Diseases Treatment Operations and After-Changes with a Consideration of Aphakia
Genealogical Data Concerning the Family of Foulkrod 1717-1910
Colonial Architecture in Vermont
In Old Hadley
Direct Action and the Constitution
H R 3356 to Designate the United States Courthouse Under Construction at 611 Broad Street in Lake Charles Louisiana as the Edwin Ford Hunter Jr United States Courthouse
General William Birneys Answer to Libels Clandestinely Circulated
The Fishers Vade Mecum or Anglers Almanac for 1851 Calculated for All Parts of the United States Containing Besides the Usual Information Maxims and Hints for Anglers in Prose and Verse C C Beautifully Illustrated
The Gleaner Vol 3 November 1914
The Old South Pilgrimage to Newburyport
The Chinese Conquest of Songaria
The United States Biographical Dictionary and Centennial Record of Eminent and Self-Made Men Illinois Volume
Memorial Address Upon the Life of General James Green Martin Delivered at Raleigh N C May 10 1916
The Ships of the United States Navy An Historical Record of Those Now in Service and of Their Predecessors of the Same Name 1776-1915
Essex A Connecticut River Town
Correspondence Between the Governor and Gen Butler From the Boston Post
The European Wars of the Last Half of the Sixteenth Century
George S Hale A M A Memoir Prepared for the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society
A Luxemburg Idyll in Early Iowa
A Royal Reception A Comedy of Errors in Two Scenes
The Operations of War Explained and Illustrated
A New Pocket Dictionary of the Dutch and English Languages
The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria Volume 1
The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Volume 1
The United States Service Magazine Volume 2
The Monthly Review Volume 50
The Theory and Practice of Banking Volume 2
A Text Book of Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy
The Lives and Times of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States
The Publications of the Thoresby Society Volume 11
The Top of the World
The Peerage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Ireland Volume 1
The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution Volume 2
The Histories of Polybius Volume 2
The Free Church MagazineJanuary-December 1852New Series-VolI
The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Volume 8
An Experimental Inquiry Into the Nature and Propagation of Heat
The Home Book of Verse American and English 1580-1912
The Colonial Records of North Carolina Volume 3
Except-Africa Remaking Development Rethinking Power
On the Way to Death Essays Toward a Comic Vision
In the Shadow of History Passing of Lineage Society
Prisoner Radicalization and Terrorism Detention Policy Institutionalized Fear or Evidence-Based Policy Making
Operation Wappen A War That Never Was
Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics General Student Book with 4 Access Codes
The Killing Season A History of the Indonesian Massacres 1965-66
Jewish Centers and Peripheries Europe Between America and Israel Fifty Years After World War II
Emergent Urbanism Urban Planning Design in Times of Structural and Systemic Change
Nelson QScience Biology Units 1 2 (Student Book with 4 Access Codes)
Sacrifice and the Body Biblical Anthropology and Christian Self-Understanding
Gentrification A Working-Class Perspective
Public Relations and Religion in American History Evangelism Temperance and Business
Hit the Road Vans Nomads and Roadside Adventures
Waste of a Nation Garbage and Growth in India
Engines of Culture Philanthropy and Art Museums
Australian Island Arks Conservation Management and Opportunities
Kinship and Performance in the Black and Green Atlantic Haptic Allegories
Miniatures Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics
Negotiating Financial Agreement in East Asia Surviving the Turbulence
The Fruits of Our Labours Chinese Fruit Shops in New Zealand (Two Volume Set)
Constructing a Chinese School of International Relations Ongoing Debates and Sociological Realities
Icelandic Sagas and Other Historical Documents Relating to the Settlements and Descents of the Northmen on the British Isles 2
Chicago City Directory and Business Advertiser Yr1863-1864
Annual Reports of the Navy Department for the Fiscal Year
Emin Pasha in Central Africa Being a Collection of His Letters and Journals
The Remains of the REV James Marsh DD Late President and Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy in the University of Vermont
A Dictionary of the Holy Bible For General Use in the Study of the Scriptures With Engravings Maps and Tables
The History of Waterbury Connecticut The Original Township Embracing Present Watertown and Plymouth and Parts of Oxford Wolcott Middlebury Prospect and Naugatuck with an Appendix of Biography Genealogy and Statistics
Epistoli de Rebus Familiaribus Et Varii
Bibliothique Liturgique Catholic Church Ordinal (Cathidrale de Bayeux) Ordinaire Et Coutumier de LiGlise Cathidrale de Bayeux (Xiiie Siicle) 1902
The Christian Treasury Volume 3
The Dawn of Modern Geography a History of Exploration and Geographical Science Volume Volume 3
The History of the Battles and Adventures of the British the Boers and the Zulus C in Southern Africa From the Time of Pharaoh Necho to 1880 with Copius Chronology Volume 2
Grammatica Graeca
Torah Neviim U-Khetuvim Biblia Hebraica Adjuvantibus Professoribus G Beer [Et Al] Edidit Rud Kittel Volume 1
Abrii Der Evangelischen Ordnung Zur Wiedergeburt Worinnen Die Schrifftmiiige Einsicht Und Ausibung Der Wahren Evangelischen Mystic Oder Des Geheimnisses Des Evangelii Nach Vier Stuffen Der Wiedergeburt Gezeiget Wird
Flora Carniolica Exhibens Plantas Carnioliae Indigenas Et Distribvtas in Classes Genera Species Varietates Ordine Linnaeano Volume 1
Biblioteka Warszawska
Along the Andes and Down the Amazon
Charles MacCarthy A Rhode Island Pioneer 1677
The Works of John Knox Volume 1
The Young Womans Journal Volume 9
Columbus A Short Cantata for Mens Voices
Making a Sister A Mock Initiation for Ladies
The Children in the Wood Embellished with 7 Wood Cuts
Evolution Vol 3 A Journal of Nature June 1930
Lake Wales Crown Jewel of the Scenic Highlands
The Remarkable Adventures of Jackson Johonnot of Massachusetts Who Served as a Soldier in the Western Army in the Expedition Under Gen Harmar and Gen St Clair Containing an Account of His Captivity Sufferings and Escape from the Kickappo Indians
Science the True Basis of Education An Address Delivered Before the Board of Trustees of the College of California at Its First Commencement at Oakland June 14th 1860
Games of the Restricted Match Between Clarence H Freeman of Providence R I and Charles F Barker of Boston Mass for a Purse $500 Commenced in Providence on September 1 and Finished on September 17 1890
The First Irish in Illinois Reminiscent of Old Kaskaskia Days Before the Illinois State Historical Society at Its Third Annual Convention at Jacksonville January 23 and 24 1902
Deseret Almanac for the Year 1865 Being the Thirty Sixth Year of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from April 6 1830
Proposals for Printing by Subscription The History of the Publick Life and Distinguished Actions of Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Brazen Commander of an American Squadron in the Last Age Together with His Slighter Adventures and More Entertaining Anecdotes
Expedition to Oregon
Rulers in Rhyme
Square Blocks with Equioscillation in the Pade Walsh and Cf Tables
The Cathedral of Commerce The Highest Building in the World
Catalog of the Borrowdale Collection
Trip to California Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh May 31 to June 18 1949
Reminiscences of Old Cambridge
The Gleaner Vol 11 Nov Dec 1919
A Character of Don Sacheverellio Knight of the Firebrand In a Letter to Isaac Bickerstaff Esq Censor of Great Britain
Sir Thomas Malory January 1922
Down on the Farm
Illustrated Price List Natural Wood Ornaments for Furniture Manufacturers Architects Builders Interior Decorators Stair Builders Car Builders Organ Manufacturers Steamboat Builders Etc Etc
Princples of Chemical Philosophy
History of Friedrich the Second Called Frederick the Great Volumes 1-6 of Works Volume 5
The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Andrew Marvell Volume 3 of the Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Andrew Marvell
The Middle Kingdom A Survey of the Geography Government Education Social Life Arts Religion Etc of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants Volume 2
The Works of Daniel Webster
The Monthly Journal of the American Unitarian Association Volume 3
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention Volumes 12-18
Occasional Productions Political Diplomatic and Miscellaneous Including Among Others a Glance at the Court and Government of Louis Philippe and the French Revolution of 1848 While the Author Resided as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentia
Bible Review Volume 3
Geschichte Der Bildung
A Catechetical Commentary on the New Testament
Elements of General Knowledge Introductory to Useful Books in the Principal Branches of Literature and Science Volume 1
The Life and Words of Christ
The Life of Benjamin Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield Volume 5
Cobbetts Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Present Time From the Ninth Year of the Reign of King Henry the Second A D 1163 To Volume 9 of Cobbetts Complete Collection of State Trials and
Apologetic and Practical Treatises
Lectures on Christian Technology
The Dissectors Manual of Practical and Surgical Anatomy
Selected Speeches of the Late Right Honourable the Earl of Beaconsfield Volume 2
The Law of Contracts
Biennial Report Volumes 10-15
Historical and Statistical Account of Dunfermline Volume 1
Annual Report on the Conditions of the Wisconsin Building and Loan Associations Volume 24
The Principles of Equity Intended for the Use of Students and the Profession
The Forum Volume 41
A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language To Which Is Appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary and a Chronological Table of Remarkable Events
History of New Boston New Hampshire
Letters to Various Friends Ed by Sir GF Lewis
Benoni Blake MD Surgeon at Glenaldie
Life and Light for Woman Volume 31
Life of Abraham Lincoln
Surveying as Practiced by Civil Engineers and Surveyors Intended as a Handbook for Field and Office Use Also as a Textbook for Students
Notes on Real Estate in Western Pennsylvania
Galignanis New Paris Guide for 1877
The Practice of the Courts of Kings Bench and Common Pleas In Personal Actions And Ejectment To Which Are Added the Law and Practice of Extents And the Rules of Court and Modern Decisions in the Exchequer of Pleas Volume 1
History of La Salle County Illinois Its Topography Geology Botany Natural History History of the Mound Builders Indian Tribes French Explorations and a Sketch of the Pioneer Settlers of Each Town to 1840
The Treatment and Prophylaxis of Syphilis
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641 Volume 1
A General View of the Agriculture of Aberdeenshire Drawn Up Under the Direction of the Board of Agriculture
Roman Private Law in the Times of Cicero and of the Antonines Volume 1
Novum Testamentum Graece Antiquissimorum Codicum Textus in Ordine Parallelo Dispositi Accedit Collatio Codicis Sinaitici ACTA Epp Cath Epp Paul Apocal
Women in American History
Minutes on the Ninetieth Annual Session of the Primitive Baptist Association of Regular Baptists Held with Liberty Knob Church Alleghany County October 3 4 and 5 1958
Letters of John Lord Cutts to Colonel Joseph Dudley Then Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Wight Afterwards Governor of Massachusetts 1693-1700
Symbolism in Stone and Glass in Wesley Methodist Church Church of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois Urbana Illinois
Fines de la Educacion Respuesta a Quo Vadis Los
Abraham Lincoln and the Outbreak of the Civil War Address Delivered by Colonel David N Foster February 17 1929 Before the First Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne Indiana
Marriage in the States
Hindu Women and Their Homes
Second War with England Sundry Papers
The Hope of Sherbros Future Greatness A Lecture Delivered at Shaingay
Salvini A Biographical Sketch of the Italian Tragedian Together with Judgments on His Acting
Family Receipts Being a Collection of One Hundred Plain Practical Receipts of Rare Value Including Medical Mechanical Domestic C
Building Up Your Bank Credit
The Psychology of Manual Training
Some Remarks On the History and Uses of Potomac Park
A Chaplain of the Revolution
The Genesis of the Law of Gravity
The Police Matron A Melodrama in One Act
Rural Life in the Lower Mississippi Valley about 1803
Inaugural Address of REV John A W Haas D D President of Muhlenberg College Allentown Pennsylvania June 22 1904
Zur Lehre Vom Bau Und Leben Der Contractilen Substanz Der Niedersten Thiere
Is It Mt Tacoma or Rainier What Do History and Tradition Say
Annual Report of the Board of Sheep Commissioners of Montana 1911-1912
Contrasts in the Work of Missions
Schaddirn Landliches Trauerspiel Einer Wahrhaft Liebenden Mit Gesang in Einem Akt
Steigers Elementary Sewing Designs on Practice-Cloth With Directions and Suggestions
An Examination and Refutation of a Late Pamphlet Intitled Considerations on the Navy Bill Wherein the Present Power of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Over Half-Pay Officers Is Shewn to Be Fully Sufficient to Answer Every Good End and Useful
Back to Religion
The Street Faker A Laughing Prescription Concocted
A Sermon Preached by Bro The REV W W Brewer to the Oddfellows of Prince Edward Island on the Celebration of the Seventy-First Anniversary of the Order
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 10 October 1905
Stanford Football Songs
A Letter to the Earl of Shelburne On the Subject of Mr Secretary Townshends Letter to the Chairman and Deputy-Chairman of the East-India Company
The Washington Peace Carillon A Brochure Issued by Lovers of the Bells Dedicated to Others of Their Kind Done in the Interest of a Greater Washington
Landscape Architecture A Definition and a Resume of Its Past and Present
Our Relations with the Chinese Empire
Minnetoskas Dream A Play for Camp Fire Girls
Brief Account of Family of Robert and Susan Everett Massey of Gorey Ireland
Cuban Folk-Lore
Gentleman Jim An Original Dramatic Sketch
A Discourse Delivered Before the Merrimack Humane Society At Their Anniversary Meeting September 1 1812
Evolution 1929 A Journal of Nature
Broken Chains
The Taoteh King With a Translation
Romain Roland and Jean-Christophe With a Listof Books about Music by Rolland Krehbiel Henderson Lavignac Filson Young and Others
The Corn-Husking A Farce
A Second Introduction With Fullest Light Proposals and Representations and That If Possible So to Move Some to Assist Me in My Transcriptions and Print Publications That I Am Forcd on to by God the Great Jehovah in Pursuance of My Late First Introdu
Hancock the Superb The Early Life and Public Career of Winfield S Hancock Including Also a Sketch of the Life of Hon William H English
Manual of English Pronunciation and Spelling Containing a Full Alphabetical Vocabulary of the Language with a Preliminary Exposition of English Orthoipy and Orthography and Designed as a Work of Reference for General Use and as a Text-Book in Schools
Irish Minstrelsy Or Bardic Remains of Ireland With English Poetical Translations Volume 1
Electro-Physiology Volume 2
Civilization an Historical Review of Its Elements Volume 1
History of the One Hundred and Fifty-Third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry Which Was Recruited in Northampton County Pa 1862-1863
Universal Geography Or a Description of All Parts of the World on a New Plan According to the Great Natural Divisions of the Globe
An Introduction to Practical Astronomy
Appalachia Volume 9
Appalachia Volume 8
Popular Tales from the Norse
Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery to Africa and Arabia Performed in His Majestys Ships Leven and Baracouta from L821 to L826 Under the Command of Capt FW Owen Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery to Africa and Arabia Performed in His Majestys Ships Leven and Baracouta from L821 to L826 Un
Waverley Or tis Sixty Years Since
Memorabilia of Socrates With Notes and Introduction
The Isizulu A Grammar of the Zulu Language
The History of Louisiana from the Earliest Period Volume 2
What Would You Do Love
The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell Complete Ed
Poultry Production
The Literary Magazine and American Register Volume 5
Studies in Reading by JW Searson and George E Martin Book 2
The Perils of the Nation An Appeal to the Legislatvre the Clergy and High and Middle Classes
The Students Shakespeare Thirty-Seven Plays Analyzed and Topically Arranged for the Use of Clergymen Lawyers Students Etc
Beitrige Zur Ethnographie Und Sprachenkunde Amerikas Zumal Brasiliens Volume 2
The Mechanism of Man An Answer to the Question What Am I A Popular Introduction to Mental Physiology and Psychology
The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut 1636-1776 October 1735 to October 1743
The Chinese Repository Volume 15
Memoir and Correspondence of General James Stuart Fraser of the Madras Army
The New American Botanist and Florist Including Lessons in the Structure Life and Growth of Plants Together with a Simple Analytical Flora Descriptive of the Native and Cultivated Plants Growing in the Atlantic Division of the American Union
The Miscellaneous Works of the Right Honourable Sir James Mackintosh Volume 2
North American Botany Comprising the Native and Common Cultivated Plants North of Mexico Genera Arranged According to the Artificial and Natural Methods
The National History of England by E Farr [and Others]
A Dictionary of the Economic Products of India
The Statesmans Manual The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United States Inaugural Annual and Special from 1789 to 1854 With a Memoir of Each of the Presidents and a History of Their Administrations Also the Constitution of the Uni
Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Public Library and Report of Librarian Volumes 1-14
The Atonement Discourses and Treatises
Memoirs of George the Fourth Descriptive of the Most Interesting Scenes of His Private and Public Life and the Important Events of His Memorable Reign With Characteristic Sketches of All the Celebrated Men Who Were His Friends and Companions as a Princ
Report of the Presbyterian Church Case The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the Suggestion of James Todd and Others vs Ashbel Green and Others
The Life of Edgar Allan Poe Personal and Literary with His Chief Correspondence with Men of Letters Volume 2
A Momentous Question The Respective Attitudes of Labor and Capital Articles Specially Contributed by Prominent and Well Known Representatives
Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes Nineteenth President of the United States Volume 1
The History of the State of Indiana History of Schools and Colleges Laws and Courts Banks Benevolent Institutions Penal and Reformatory Institutions Transportation Agriculture Natural Wealth Manufacturing Civil Administrations New Harmony Lake
Jacob Kimchi and Shalom Buzaglo
The Wedding of Brother Jonathan
A Memorial Address for Those Bowdoin Men Who Gave Their Lives in the War
The Repertory Theatre Idea Three Addresses by Mrs Jewett Given Before the Members of the Frances Jewett Repertory Theatre Club at the Meetings of March 3 1920 March 2 1921 January 4 1922
The Two Yellow-Birds Embellished with Cuts
Seven Songs for Eastertide
An Essay on the Star Spangled Banner and National Songs
The Gospel Contrasted with Its Counterfeits Being a Reprint of an Article on Wilberforces Oxford Sermons from the Presbyterian Review for January 1840
The Gleaner Vol 8 March 1908
American Fund for French Wounded September 1917-January 1918 Vols 2-3
The Canadian Church Magazine and Mission News Vol 7 March 1893
The Only Legend A Masque of the Scarlet Pierrot
A Vanished Race of Aboriginal Founders An Address
A Record of the Testimonial Dinner To Honorable Joseph G Cannon of Illinois
An Exposition of the Doctrines of Calvinism 1830
Slavery in Massachusetts Mr Moores Reply to His Boston Critics
Christians Should Support and Defend the Truth A Sermon Delivered March 12 1828 at the Ordination of REV Asahel Bigelow as Pastor of the Orthodox Congregational Church in Walpole Mass
Vision of Death A Poem
Our Grand Army of the Republic
Brother Aleck
An Oration Delivered March 5 1774 at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March 1770
Grant Memorial University Athens Tenn Chartered 1867 Its History and the Commendations of Leading Statesmen and Divines
An Economical Boomerang A Farce in One Act
Signing an Actor Specialty Sketch in One Act To Which Is Added a Description of the Costumes Cast of the Characters Entrances and Exits Relative Positions of the Performers on the Stage and the Whole of the Stage Business
Thomas Carlyle
Memorial Addresses of Companion Brevet Brigadier General B R Cowen and Companion Wm R Collins Delivered at the Annual Memorial Service Commandery of Ohio Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States at St Pauls M E Church Cincinnati
A Poem on the Meditation of Nature Spoken September 26th 1832 Before the Association of the Alumni of Washington College
Spring Catalogue and Price List 1899 Vegetable and Flower Seeds New and Rare Fruits Etc
The Pie-Dish A Play in One Act
North Carolina Symphony Teachers Handbook 1982-1983 50th Anniversary Season
Shakespeares Rationalism His Opinion of the Jew and the Christian in The Merchant of Venice A Lecture Delivered Before the Independent Religious Society Orchestra Hall Michigan Avenue and Adams St Chicago Illinois Sunday at 11 A M
A Letter of Remarks Upon Jovian
On Reading the Prayers and Lessons A Sermon Preached at an Ordination Held in Norwich Cathedral on Trinity Sunday (June 4) 1882
The Church and State in Reference to the Education Question or Schools and Scholars from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Times
Select List of Works Relating to Employers Liability
Edward Jenner and Vaccination
Sidelights on Mexico Some Facts Never Before Printed
$1 000 Worth of Useful Information and Valuable Recipes
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 73 November 16 1911
Gods Footsteps A Sermon Delivered in St Stephens Church Baltimore July 4th 1852 The Sunday Succeeding the Death of the Hon Henry Clay
Commemoration on Board U S Mail Steamer Hermann Lieut Eward Higgins U S N Commander on the Passage from Bremen to New York July Fourth 1853
Autobiography of Thomas Church Brownell Third Bishop of Connecticut
Joseph A Drama for Children in One Act and Three Scenes
The New Cries of London
The Southern Planter 1842 Vol 2 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to Agriculture Horticulture and the Household Arts
Memorial Day Oration Delivered in the City Hall Dover N H Under the Auspices of Charles W Sawyer Post G A R
Where the Trail Ends
Ruskin as Master of Prose
Church Reform the Inexpediency of Attempting It at the Present Time A Paper Read at a Meeting Summoned and Presided Over by the Lord Bishop of Norwich of the Archdeacons of That Diocese Together with the Residentiary and Honorary Canons of Norwich C
A Sermon Preached in Hingham and Quincy 20th August 1812 the Day of the National Fast on Account of the War with Great Britain
Historical Sketch of Philanthropic Lodge F and of Marblehead Mass Delivered at the One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Lodge March 25 1885
Thoughts on the Christian Religion by a Deist To Which Are Added a Few Ideas on Miraculous Conversion and Religion in General by a Theophilanthropist
A Word of Warning to Democrats From a Life-Long Voter with the Party
Poetic Creations
Religion Off Soundings
The Aquarium Issued in the Interests of the Study Care and Breeding of Aquatic Life
The Boys Scrap Book With Many Engravings
State of the Nation
Americanizing an Industrial Center An Account of Experience and Procedure in the Towns of the St Louis Rocky Mountain and Pacific Company in Colfax County New Mexico
Mnemoneuete Ton Hegoumenon A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Trinity College Cambridge on October 16th 1892 in Reference to the Death of Lord Tennyson
Winning a Husband or Sevens the Main A Burletta in One Act
Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed
Address at the Nineteenth Session of the American Pomological Society Held in Philadelphia Pa Sept 12 13 14 1883
The Adventures of the Beautiful Little Maid Cinderilla or the History of a Glass Slipper To Which Is Added an Historical Description of the Cat
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 1 November 9 1889
Midnight Colic
Remarks Upon a Letter (Just Made Publick) on Certain Points of the Last Importance to These Nations Addressed to His Grace the Duke of Newcastle In a Letter to the Author of That Pamphlet
The Primrose
Wedlock in Time
La Grippe Epidemic with Treatment
Scattering Matrices for Ionosphere Models
The Scale-Space Formulation of Pyramid Data Structures
Addresses Delivered and Papers Read Before the Minisink Valley Historical Society At Their Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings February 22nd and July 22nd 1896
Adapting Leaden Fittings to the Modern House
The Pastoral Epistles in the Light of One Roman Imprisonment Inaugural Address
Report of the Commissioners on the Western Boundary Line Between Connecticut and New York to the General Assemby May Session 1857
Sketch of Edward Augustus Duke of Kent
New Mexico Territorial Bureau of Immigration Report on Bernalillo County
Chaucer A Bibliographical Manual
Senate File No 4 Blue Sky Law
The Records of Southhampton A Brief Account of Some of the Borough Documents
The Principles of Menu Making
A Sketch of Christopher Truby
Sketch of the Incidents in the Life of Isaac H Sturgeon Written by Himself in January 1900 Born September 10th 1821 Died August 22d 1908
A Historical Laboratory How the Expert Historian Does His Work
Report of Delegates from the General Aid Society for the Army at Buffalo to Visit the Government Hospitals And the Agencies of the United States Sanitary Commission
Graduates of the College of the Holy Cross Worcester Mass 1849-1893
Speech of Mr Duncan of Ohio on the General Appropriation Bill for 1840 Delivered in the House of Representatives April 10 1840
William Morris and His Circle A Lecture Delivered in the Examination Schools Oxford at the Summer Meeting of the University Extension Delegacy on August 6 1907
Some Educational and Legislative Needs of South Carolina Mill Villages
Origin of the Names of the Towns in Worcester County
The Patriots Pageant of Peace
The Islam of Mohamed
The Recovery of the Southern Corner Stone of the District Paper Read Before the Columbia Historical Society of Washington D C March 18 1915
Timon of Athens and the Irregularities in the First Folio
Verrazzano A Motion for the Stay of Judgment

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